Board Chairman's Message

Ben C. Monterio

I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to all the employees of LB Levinson Brothers Inc. for your honest and consistent efforts to improve, innovate and aspire for greater heights. I am very thankful to these ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary feats in a very competitive field.

Likewise, our clients also deserve credits for continuously entrusting our humble team numerous...

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President's Message

Mr. Levin Jethro R. Monteiro

Doing business in a service-oriented field implies a certain level of trust between the client and the provider which must be continuously developed in the face of our competitive market today. A service provider must ensure to the client that it would deliver fast, consistent, and high quality work and provide rightful attention the the customer at all times. This is especially true when...

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Vice President's Message

Mr. Elvin Allyson R. Monteiro
Vice President

It’s with pride and pleasure I congratulate LB Levinson Brothers Inc. for achieving staggering growth in its telecom and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the last few years. It is truly a sight to behold to see a modest company thrive in two unrelated industries in a very fickle economic environment such as the Philippines, and evolve from being a small-time subcontractor to being a...

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