Vice President's Message

Mr. Elvin Allyson R. Monteiro
Vice President

It’s with pride and pleasure I congratulate LB Levinson Brothers Inc. for achieving staggering growth in its telecom and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the last few years. It is truly a sight to behold to see a modest company thrive in two unrelated industries in a very fickle economic environment such as the Philippines, and evolve from being a small-time subcontractor to being a recognized and trusted partner by Globe and a much awarded successful franchisee of 16 Generika drugstores.

Being the son of Sir Ben Monteiro, I was able to watch the evolution of Levinson to where it is now right from its inception. It wasn’t smooth sailing to success, and throughout the life of Levinson I’ve seen people come and go, projects succeed and go awry, and challenges appear and vanish. It was a very shaky ride, but Sir Ben, with the help of his staff, persevered through all these hardships to arrive to where we are now– a relatively successful LB Levinson Corporation. I am very thankful to Sir Ben and everyone who helped him make Levinson reach greater heights.

Looking forward, what Sir Ben has established now is just but a step in an even brighter future for LB Levinson Brothers, as there are more goals yet to be attained and more successes yet to be reached, with me and my brother Levin Monteiro at the helm as Vice President and President respectively, and the guidance of the now Board Chairman Sir Ben Monteiro. With everyone’s help, employees, clients and customers alike, we now head to face more opportunities together on our path to a better tomorrow. Here’s to a promising future for LB Levinson Inc.!