President's Message

Mr. Levin Jethro R. Monteiro

Doing business in a service-oriented field implies a certain level of trust between the client and the provider which must be continuously developed in the face of our competitive market today. A service provider must ensure to the client that it would deliver fast, consistent, and high quality work and provide rightful attention the the customer at all times. This is especially true when conducting business in the Philippines, where establishing relations is a vital part of running a business; be it between client and provider, a manager and his people, and the frontliners and its customers.

LB Levinson Brothers Inc. started as Levinson Construction Corporation in 1998, subcontractor focusing on Outside Plant projects in the telecommunication industry. And innovate as Levinson Construction a sole proprietor, the company consistently rendered excellent and trustworthy services to its clients, enabling Levinson to gain their trust.Levinson Construction remained a reliable business partner to all its clients and became an award-winning direct contractor, as it eventually evolved into becoming a full-fledged corporation, LB Levinson Brothers Inc. in 2011.

This method of doing business through gaining the trust of the clients has enabled the company to look into other business opportunities. One such opportunity came in May 2009 when the business opened a Generika pharmacy franchise store in Sta Maria, Bulacan. Today, this business venturehas blossomed and eventually expanded from a single store in Bulacan into 16 stores all over Luzon.

With God in the center of all our activities, and sharing blessings and opportunities with everyone involved in LB Levinson as our aspiration, we strive to aim for greater heights as the company grows. The future still has more opportunities in store for us, and we are confident that LB Levinson is always ready to seize these opportunities and to continue delivering the trusted service LB Levinson is known for.