Maintenance Supervisor

What are we looking for?

We are looking for the following skillset :

  1. arrange for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, carpentry or landscaping tasks to be completed by their staffs
  2. should have at least basic mechanical ability, such as understanding how a piece of machinery works
  3. know how to determine whether the property in question can be repaired or should be replaced
  4. ensure that all assigned tasks are handled in a safe manner
  5. understanding the rules and regulations that apply, but it also involves making sure that the right person is assigned to the job


Maintenance supervisors are often responsible for interviewing, disciplining or terminating employees. Knowledge of state and federal labor laws is essential; for those who supervise union members, a thorough understanding of the contract is also needed. Maintenance supervisors need to know how to motivate people and develop staff members through coaching and effective leadership. At times, it may be necessary for supervisors to resolve disputes or handle complaints involving one or more workers.

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